Harley Dyna Fxd

Ohlins Pair Réglab Rear Dampers Stx36 2 Harley Fxd Dyna 1991

Ohlins Pair Réglab Rear Dampers Stx36 2 Harley Fxd Dyna 1991

Ohlins Pair Réglab Rear Dampers Stx36 2 Harley Fxd Dyna 1991    Ohlins Pair Réglab Rear Dampers Stx36 2 Harley Fxd Dyna 1991
We are ohlins official dealer. This is a guarantee for. Ohlins rear shock absorbers adjustable hand stx36 twin harley davidson dyna fxd 1991>. Stx36 Ohlins twin shock absorber. Developed for bikes with double shock absorber, the ohlins stx36 is perfect for applications is custom bikes. Compare the shock absorber code shown below with the table below qui To Understand The Following settings-have shock absorber. The perfect shock absorber for custom bikes. Provides Ohlins shock absorbers for MOST custom bikes and the famous \Disponible en emulsion piggyback or tubular versions with adjustable spring preload for all versions and, DEPENDING on the application, it can be specified with different aussi damping adjustment options with or without length adjustment. The choice of spring load is based rider weight and style Guarantees a perfect feeling. Suitable for Any cruiser to café racer application stx36 shock absorbers are one of the MOST successful ohlins designs of all time. Length: 325 + 5 / -5 mm.

Pressurized emulsion system, split piston, clevis or flexible tube. Each implementation tested and made to measure to Satisfy the rider. Designed to Improve the comfort and driveability of cruisers.

In 1994 the passion and experience of fabrizio Bertollini created omnia racing, with the aim of Representing a Reference Point for everyone bottom of bikes. In 2000, When Salvatore orefice join omnia racing, the omnia racing special parts project is founded, a society based on the passion and competence needed to create and trade the top products for motorbikes. Our continuous search for perfection and performance, using advanced technology, Has allowed omnia racing special parts to interact with Internationally famous pilots and teams. Our products are excellent for Both road and system use. They are Constantly tested by our technicians and pilots, THUS Improving the techicnal, structural and dynamical features of the materials and of the special adopté Produced shares.

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The item \The seller is \

  1. brand: ohlins <\/ li>
  2. Manufacturer Part Number: hd816 <\/ li>
  3. manufacturing country: Italy <\/ li>
  4. Motorcycle brand: Harley Davidson <\/ li>
  5. Manufacturer warranty: 2 years <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Ohlins Pair Réglab Rear Dampers Stx36 2 Harley Fxd Dyna 1991    Ohlins Pair Réglab Rear Dampers Stx36 2 Harley Fxd Dyna 1991